Learn why Jordann Webb became a Freemason...

Like many young freemasons without any family connection to masonry, my knowledge and understanding were very low. My introduction came through War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. In this, the main character Pierre became a freemason and provided him with a sense of directions and morals. From this, I researched into what Freemasonry was about and my previous understanding and prejudices escaped almost immediately. The first image that came up was a portrait of the Duke of Kent. As I read on, it stated that he was the Grand Master. Despite not having a clue as to what this meant, I did know that royals do not get involved with any organization unless it is of good standing. From this, I saw words such as ceremony, faith and morals. All of which are of the utmost importance to myself. A few moments later I found out that there was a lodge at my university and I sent an email straight away.

Since then, I have had the most amazing journey which has taken me all over Staffordshire and I have had the absolute honour in meeting some of the most genuine and kindest individuals who all equally take an interest in who you are. For me, Freemasonry has become an incredibly important aspect of my life in such a short space of time. I can only say to those who are considering whether or not to become a Freemason, a journey awaits you which you will certainly not regret or get anywhere else.